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030 ♦ Key series

Hey, this is viena! I renamed my account to the one I'm using right now. o7 Just a fair warning, but I was testing around with my usual coloring styles on a lot of these. So a lot of them look different from each other. I'm pretty sure you can spot each exact moment I gradually started trying something different...
Little Busters! (55) and Rewrite (202)


Remember the good old rules, please credit, icons aren't for editing, and so forth. Hope you enjoyed the post!
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[personal profile] catdere 2012-11-21 03:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Stealing all of Rin's (and a couple of rewrite's for whenever the patch comes out) because I've been meaning to revamp her icons since forever. I just kept procrastinating *A*

Not going to lie though, for a moment there, I accidentally mistook Riki for Rin and almost uploaded it on to this account... Today is a sad day for both me and Riki.... /)_(\;
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oh my god i always loved your icons ;___; i took all of Rin/Komari and Rewrite icons ;w;